Whey Fantastic was born out of the simple desire to make a truly better tasting, all-natural whey protein drink.

In fact, we weren’t even considering creating yet another whey protein product. But the more we talked with friends, family and people in stores, gyms and even at home the more we became convinced that there was a real need. People told us they wanted a great tasting, nutritionally balanced all natural whey protein shake. They were tired of throwing away half consumed cans of whey because they just couldn’t choke down another awful tasting serving.

Many told us they wanted convenience too. Smoothies are great but if you are on the go it’s hard to haul your blender and a basket of fruit around with you. Folks didn’t want to be tied to the kitchen to enjoy a delicious and nutritious whey protein shake.

Our goal was clear. Develop a fantastically delicious all natural whey protein that was nutritionally balanced (having the right proportion of protein, carbs and fats) and make it convenient too.

It turned out to be a bigger challenge than we thought. It took our team of experienced and talented formulators’ months to find the right combination of high quality ingredients. We started with the best whey proteins from grass fed cows, free of synthetic growth hormones, added the freshest all natural ingredients for a smooth creamy shake and developed our own exclusive flavor systems from trusted and sustainable sources.

The final result is Whey Fantastic. We believe it is the first all-natural whey protein shake so delicious that you’ll love it even when all you add is water. Each serving of Whey Fantastic mixes easily and delivers 20 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, 0 grams of trans-fat and contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. And it tastes so good it comes with a 100% money back guarantee!.

Whether you are an athlete, a dancer, a yoga fan, wanting to lose a few pounds, or are simply looking to live healthier and age more gracefully we made Whey Fantastic nutritious and delicious for you. Enjoy!

Whey Fantastic tastes way better — we guarantee it.