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Mike Walls
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Whey Fantastic Reviewed on Reviewer Bryan DiSanto gave the product a strong review. Here is the conclusion, link to the full review follows:



If you HATE the taste of most protein powder and want a high-quality, all-natural whey protein option with dessert-like decadence, Whey Fantastic is a superior option. With top-of-class hormone-free whey protein isolates and zero artificial sweeteners/preservatives/colors, it’s the perfect supplement to pack on new muscle, rev up your metabolism, and produce a lean, powerful body.

Editor’s Score: 8.2/10

 Thumbs Up —

  • Superior taste
  • High-quality whey protein isolates
  • All-natural, organic ingredients
  • No artificial sweeteners, preservatives, or colors
  • Fiber
  • Convenience — it comes in 12-packs of individually wrapped servings

 Thumbs Down —

  • Price and no ability to buy in bulk
  • Higher in calories, fat, sugar, and carbs than most whey protein powder, which isn’t ideal for anyone who’s low-carbing.
  • Lack of flavors and variety
Company Comment: We have added new flavors of Whey Fantastic and offer many promotions on line to lower the cost. Whey Fantastic is formulated to taste awesome in just water which actually makes it lower in carbs and fat than  many other protein products that need to be mixed in milk or other sugary beverages to be drinkable. The carbs and fat are also necessary to help maintain satiety when used for weight management.


WHEY Fantastic! debuts at Natural Products Marketplace to Rave Reviews.

Las Vegas, Nevada (June 15, 2012) – Attendees at the Natural Products Marketplace were treated to one of the best tasting new protein products to enter the all natural protein category in decades. WHEY Fantastic definitely lives up to its name as taste testers gave their approval for the protein shake. Many came back two or three times to sample the new whey protein drink.

“People who have tried the product really seem to love it”, said Trish Ballard of Excel Performance Nutrition. “Lots of retailers have indicated they will be putting both the chocolate and vanilla flavors of WHEY Fantastic into their stores and believe their customers will really appreciate the major improvement in taste over other whey protein brands.”

“We developed WHEY Fantastic to taste way better and to be way more convenient than the current offerings of the other brands”, said Mike Walls company founder and president. “The other all natural whey proteins I have tried fail to deliver on taste and consumers are forced to make smoothies or blend in other ingredients to make those products palatable. Not so with WHEY Fantastic, all it takes to make a fantastic tasting shake is cold water. Now smoothies are optional and not a necessity.”

Walls added, “We make WHEY Fantastic way fantastic by selecting the finest all natural ingredients including hormone-free whey proteins and the freshest natural flavors from trusted and sustainable sources.” Each serving of WHEY Fantastic delivers 20 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber and contains 0 grams of trans fats. The product is currently available in Rich Milk Chocolate and Vanilla Cream with more fabulous flavors on the way according to company representatives.

Based in Santa Rosa, California, Excel Performance Nutrition is a startup manufacturer of all natural protein products. Mr. Walls is no stranger to creating great tasting products and has been a leading visionary in the sports nutrition and protein marketplace for more than 25 years. Previously Mr. Walls was the founder and CEO Promax Nutrition, makers of Promax Bars, and SportPharma USA, a leading manufacturer of supplements for body builders and strength athletes. For more information visit: