This year I set a goal to eat healthier, lose some weight and get back in shape. By combining Whey Fantastic with exercising and eating well, I have lost 25lbs in just 7 months.

I’ve made Whey Fantastic an integral part of my daily regimen. On most days, I drink it as a meal replacement for lunch. I love the balance of protein and carbs because I feel satisfied for hours. On the weekends I add a couple of scoops of vanilla Whey Fantastic to my green smoothies.

After workouts I can’t wait to drink some Whey Fantastic!! It tastes so decadent and delicious even when I mix it with just water. Whey Fantastic is incredible. The vanilla smells like ice cream and tastes so yummy and the chocolate tastes like real cocoa and hits the spot when I need my chocolate fix. It is rich, creamy, and satisfying. I would definitely recommend Whey Fantastic to anyone looking for a delicious all natural whey protein. It tastes great and really works!  — Teresa


Nolan swam the anchor leg of the Santa Rosa City College men’s swim team that shattered the state junior college record for the 4x100M relay by 4 seconds to win a gold medal at the 2012 California State Community College Championships.  One of four gold medals he won at the 2012 state meet. Nolan also plays water polo for Santa Rosa Junior College.

I love Whey Fantastic, everything from the incomparable great taste to the incredible results. In practice, I notice that I’m able to push harder and  recover much faster after those extremely rigorous days. After workouts I find myself craving a Whey Fantastic shake and it has such a great taste that I haven’t grown tired of it like I do with the other protein powders I have tried. — Nolan


I love using Whey Fantastic. I use it to give me the protein and energy I need or to help me recover from a tough workout. It’s the perfect healthy alternative for my late night chocolate cravings. Whey Fantastic is the best tasting protein powder I’ve ever tried, and I love that it is all-natural, with no nasty chemicals or questionable ingredients. It’s just an all around awesome product that I reccommend to anyone who is striving for optimum health!— Beth